Essential Facts You Should Know About Reusable Menstrual Cups

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Have you heard of reusable menstrual cups and you want to learn more about them? If you have, you can refer to this write-up. Explained below, are some of the most essential facts you ought to know about these cups.

Safer and Healthier Alternative

These cups are made from materials that do not pose any risks. Medical approved silicon is the most popularly used material. This material is considered safe and does not trigger any allergic reactions. The use of tampons and pads is associated with the different kinds of infections, which might jeopardize your health. Read more about Reusable Menstrual Cup. This is because when cotton shreds it creates a favorable environment for bacterial growth hence, causing severe infections. Unlike regular tampons and pads, these cups do not trigger bacterial growth. Thus, when you use these cups, you will not have to worry about developing any infections.

Menstrual Cup Sizes

These cups differ in terms of size. You will come across large and small cups. The size of the cup determines its capacity. Thus, before purchasing these cups, you should, first, assess your needs. Make sure to pick a cup whose size will suit you best. If you, for instance, have a heavy flow, it would be advisable to buy a large cup. The size is often indicated on the pack. You should, therefore, read the pack’s label carefully, before buying.

The Changing Intervals

Unlike tampons and pads, these cups can be worn for an estimated twelve hours. If you use these cups you will, therefore, not have to keep changing every now and then. You should, however, note that the changing intervals will depend on your flow. If you, maybe, have a heavier flow, it would be best to change regularly so as to avoid leakages. Fewer changing intervals make these cups convenient.

Provision of Maximum Comfort

Your comfort is of great importance. When you use these cups, you will not have to worry about experiencing any discomfort. Get more info about Reusable Menstrual Cup. These cups are made from silicon. Thus, they have a soft feel. This quality makes them comfortable to use.

Cost-effectiveness and Eco-friendliness

If you maintain your reusable menstrual cup properly, it can last for five years or more. As a result, you will save a significant amount of money, which you could have otherwise spent to buy tampons or pads. The improper disposal of tampons and pads is said to have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, when you use these cups, you will contribute to conserving your environs. Learn more from


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